While we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we are very serious about how our beer is served. We also love to talk about how to taste beer properly.

With seven distinctive ales in our core range, and even more beers brewed seasonally in our AleBlazer list, Skinner’s ales provide a wealth of different styles and flavours for drinkers to enjoy. Our love of experimenting is why we strongly encourage beer tasting.

Our brewery tour is a great place to learn more about the art of brewing and how to serve a beer properly. We also offer all our trade accounts educational beer tastings and training to ensure every glass of Skinner’s ale is served perfectly.

If you can’t visit the brewery for one of our educational brewery visits, use our beginner’s guide here to get started.

The right temperature to serve our ale

Beer is a complex beast with lots of natural ingredients and flavours. To enable you to enjoy all the different smells and tastes, beer needs to be served at the right temperature. If it’s too warm, the wrong aroma will be given off and if it’s too cold then much of the taste will be lost.

We recommend you serve our cask beer between 11 and 13°C and our bottled beers cool at between 4 and 6°C.

Pick the perfect glass for our beer

The glass you pick to serve your ale affects the depth and shape of the beer head. This is important because the foam in the head acts like a temporary ‘barrier’ to many of the compounds that will evaporate from the beer as you drink.

Our favourite glass to serve our ale is the traditional conical pint glass with a slight taper and wide-mouth.

You can also experiment with a tulip shaped glass that tapers inwards for more foamy beers. This style of glass also works well for our more hoppy beers, such as Lushingtons and Porthleven, as it helps to keep the aromas in.

Our paler beers, which we often served chilled, benefit from a heavier glass to keep them cool.

Pouring the perfect glass of beer

First things first, use a clean glass as a mucky glass may stop you developing the perfect head with all its flavours and aromas.

Tilt your glass to a 45° angle and pour the beer so that it’s hitting the glass half way down the slope of the glass. You can pour quickly as this can help to create a full head.

When the glass is half full straighten it to a 90° angle and continue to pour in the middle of the glass. This will create a perfect head standing proudly at a height of 1–2cm.

How to taste our beer

Begin by sniffing the beer so that you can start to pick out all of its distinct flavours – a good reason why it’s better to not drink from a bottle. You should be able to taste the flavours from the first mouthful, with sweetness at the front and the more bitter ‘hoppiness’ at the back.

Don’t be put off by the colour of each beer. If you’re trying something new, judge the beer on its taste and you just might find you’re surprised.

Beer training for the trade

We offer all our trade customers, whether they are from a pub, restaurant or wholesaler, beer training to ensure they take care of our beer so it gets to our drinkers in perfect condition. We can show you how to look after beer so it’s served in perfect condition and our technical support team can help ensure your beer lines are cleaned. They can also explain the best way to keep equipment clean and well maintained. Our training also covers ‘the perfect serve’ so our ales are enjoyed as they should be, every time.